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Are you facilitating groups that support participants to create changes in their lives? Group work is a fundamental part of many human service models.


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Engaged Groups will develop your group facilitation skills, knowledge and confidence with a focus on experiential learning, enabling you to learn by being a member of a small group during the training. The program models key group leadership ‘ways of working’ and discusses their purpose and value.


You will learn:

  • That group engagement is at the root of group success
  • How to plan for a small group with clarity and purpose
  • Getting the group off to a strong start – the importance of an engaged welcome and negotiating the way the group will work together
  • To introduce the purpose of the group in a manner that is understood by all group members
  • Strategies that encourage all group members to participate
  • How to manage challenging group members
  • How best to close the group - summary, evaluation and next steps.

Group facilitation is a skill that can be developed and enhanced. Engaged Groups training is a step by step approach to facilitating groups and new ways of working – including many practical group work strategies. Participants will understand that Engagement begins at welcome and continues throughout the 3 phases of the group – beginning, work of the group and ending the group.
ENGAGED GROUPS is a one day training course for those currently leading groups or those who will be facilitating groups in the future. The program can be tailored to specific workplaces and group members. The program is run as a group which allows participants to experience good group work facilitation.


Our Presenter has extensive group leadership experience and is highly respected for delivering practical training with ideas and strategies that can be implemented the next day. Group work is at the core of our Presenter's expertise, including group problem solving, change management, strategic and program planning and group supervision. These activities bring a deep understanding of the challenges faced by group leaders. For groups who are experiencing difficulties, our Presenter creates a setting where participants can put their issues out in the open, resolve them and develop an action plan to move forwards.

The Engaged Groups training will build on participants’ existing skills and knowledge, teaching them new ways of facilitating groups that are practical and can be applied immediately in their next group.

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