Person Centered Leadership

Are you passionate about leadership and managing people well? Managing people can be the most rewarding, as well as the most challenging, aspect of leading a team or organisation.


6 Days - Option to be taken individually


Trainer Led

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PEOPLE CENTERED LEADERSHIP will enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills in day to day leadership and management.


The program is designed to develop and enhance your skills and knowledge through formal training, extensive practical interaction and problem solving. The program brings an insight and understanding of working with, and through people: hence People Centered Leadership.


You will learn to:

  • Understand and implement the 5 key practices of successful leaders and managers
  • Value and build trust and credibility in your work relationships
  • Understand the importance of, and how to use, your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your communication skills; both in everyday discussions and in those crucial conversations
  • Create and work in effective teams that pull together and where members ‘actively join’ the team
  • Recognise the organisation’s culture, the impact this has on the workplace and how your leadership behaviour will impact positively.

The People Centered Leadership program will build on participants’ existing skills and knowledge, teaching them new ways of managing that are practical and can be applied immediately in their roles and organisations. Concepts taught in earlier sessions are constantly woven through the program to reinforce learning and understanding.

While the program days are designed sequentially to build on skills and knowledge developed in earlier sessions, single days may be negotiated.

Leadership Trainer

Our People Centered Leadership presenter is a highly respected leadership trainer, with a reputation for delivering practical, ready to implement, leadership strategies. Her expertise is based on being a Manager in the challenging Child Protection field, strategic and program planning, group problem solving and management mentoring. These activities bring an acute understanding of the challenges faced by Managers in the current environment. For groups who are experiencing difficulties, our Presenter creates a setting where participants can put their issues out in the open, resolve them and develop an action plan to move forwards – all core to the foundations of People Centered Leadership.

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