Certificate III in Business AdministrationCertificate III in Business Administration

Business administration is among the most coveted courses that are being offered cool and universities. It allows graduates to learn the dynamics of business operations. The programs’ curriculum covers topics such as finance, accounting to enable the student to acquire practical knowledge and critical thinking skills in business administration. This course lays a basic foundation for business administration principles and understanding various aspects of business administration. This includes- developing the ability to apply financial management principles to ensure viability. It enables the learner to develop strategic business plans with the implementation of the information gained from this course. It is essential in understanding how to use data tools to source for information which is key in making decisions.

The certificate III in business administration is aimed at equipping students with knowledge and skills that enable them to solve daily business problems. This includes maintaining financial records and organizing workplace information. Therefore, learners will have a choice to make from the elective units which will help them to know the office environment. The following are the requirements:


The education level required is at least 10 or equivalent certificate II level or higher. Alternatively, you can take this course if you have 2 yrs working experience in the related field.

Minimum age

To pursue this course you will need to be approximately 16-18 years and the enrolment document should be signed by the guardian or parent.


This course involves undertaking a written assessment as well as engaging in discussions and online forums. Therefore if you have completed a 10-year level you can demonstrate equivalency through successful completion from nationally recognized training qualification center.


The student should meet computing criteria that involve hardware and software requirements.

Career opportunities

This course has various job opportunities with lucrative offers in the job market. You will gain a lot during the training session and after school, the following are the job opportunities that you can settle on :

  • Administration Assistant
  • Accounting recipe clerk
  • Clerical worker
  • Data entry operator
  • Word processing operator
  • Receptionist

How long does Certificate III in Business take

This course is a great introduction to the business world. You will get a broad set of skills across customer service, document production, basic technology, and accounting. This course will take 6 months. Classes are scheduled from Thursday -Friday which will be running for approximately eight weeks. You can enroll online and you will be set in to begin the program after meeting the eligibility criteria. If you have some fee challenge there is government funding which requires you to meet some requirements for you to be eligible.

Therefore, if you are out there and you are looking for a business course that will meet your expectations then Business administration cert III is what you have been looking for. You will greatly benefit from Enhance management skills which will shape you to your career path.

There is also plenty of computing skills that will make you more marketable in the job market. Also, you will gradually shape your Lea skills because it involves dealing with people, managing groups and organizations. Through this course, you will graft your success path.