Mental HealthMental Health

Mental health has been among the most discussed issues in contemporary society. It involves the state of psychological, claimed pathology courses Sydney, emotional and social well being. Mental health influences the character of a person straight from how he acts and thinks to even how he handles issues and relates to other people. It is estimated that most people have at one time suffered mental health issues. It is influenced by anxiety, loneliness, depression, loss of loved ones and other social issues. The relevance of mental health in a society is to enhance sobriety among people. It is for these reasons that people suffering from mental health should visit psychologists for guidance and counselling.

Types of mental health

Different disorders can be classified as mental health because it affects the social well being of a person. This includes:-

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety sets in when someone has an abnormal fear of certain things. This alters the way he reacts to issues and circumstances. It is normally characterized by sweating and rapid heartbeat. Such a disorder is normally diagnosed if a person shows a reaction to a situation that the response was not appropriate. It interferes with how someone feels towards people and things.

Mood disorder

This is an abnormal persistence of sadness or happiness. Such a disorder involves fluctuation from extreme happiness to extreme sadness. It can be influenced by depression, cyclothymic and bipolar disorder. It makes it difficult for the victim to live well with people because he often feels offended.

Psychotic disorder

This involves distorted thinking and awareness of the surrounding. Those experiencing such a condition normally feels or hears things that are not real. Such a condition can be described as hallucination because they are not real. They are fixed on a false belief but the victim believes to be true.

Eating disorder

This involves extreme attitudes and emotions towards behaviors that involve food and weight.

Impulse control and addiction disorder

This is a condition whereby the victim experiences an irresistible urge to engage in activities that could possibly harm them. That is why those who have been addicted to drugs are normally taken to rehabilitation centers to help them control such abnormal urge which drags them to drugs.

Personality disorder

This involves weird personality traits that make someone to act and think in a completely different way than the expectations of others. It involves antisocial behavior which makes someone to distant themselves from people.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

This disorder makes one engage in activities that are largely influenced by obsession. It makes them experience disturbing thoughts which affect their social well-being.
Post-traumatic stress disorder
This is a condition that develops after terrifying or life-threatening events such as sexual assault which prompts one to developmental trauma.

Signs of mental health disorder

Mental health is caused by a variety of factors. It can be inherited through a bloodline who has had earlier mental health disorders, environmental exposures before birth and brain chemistry. If the brain is altered by any underly factor is may lead to mental disorder. The following are signs and symptoms:

  • Extreme mood changes
  • Long-lasting sadness or irritability
  • A dramatic change in eating habits
  • Excessive fear and anxiety
  • Social withdrawal
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Significant tiredness and sleeping problems
  • Inability to cope with stress

What is the difference between mental health and mental illness?

Mental health and mental illness have been interchangeably used and that is why it is to make things straight here.
Well, mental health is all about our social well being which affects our thoughts, feelings, and emotions which influenced the ability to solves social problems. It allows people to be aware of the world around and learn to live well with people. It makes someone continue about what they speak and deeds that may offend others. This gives them an inclusive character to accommodate others irrespective of their differences.

On the other hand, mental illness affects the way people think, behave and act. This might be a result of mental disorders that affects someone’s life negatively. In such a scenario the person shows signs and symptoms that affect his social well being. Someone who is a victim of mental illness should seek medical attention where he will be introduced to therapies and psychologist.

Anyone can fully recover with the right tools and support so that they can find meaning in their lives.